Mark Swartzentruber, Debussy Toccata

Wikipedia: Given that Debussy's music is apparently so concerned with mood and colour, one may be surprised to discover that, according to one author, many of his greatest works appear to have been structured around mathematical models even while using an apparent classical structure such as sonata form. Howat suggests that some of Debussy's pieces can be divided into sections that reflect the goldenratio, frequently by using the numbers of the standard Fibonacci sequence

Ok, that's a very old picture I took with 200mm lens. It was taken in hard condition but you can spot two spiral galaxies in that picture. Can you see them?

Answer to previous quiz:

Picture was taken in Austria before Slovenia border


Try to guess where it was taken.

tip: it's a border line


New photo

That's the photo I took in Netherlands



The best composition by F.Liszt, the best interpretation by Kissin. If God existed, he'd approve that piece.

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